Master in Applied Psychology

ENAE Business School

Characteristics of the training programme

Collaborating entity: ENAE Business School

Number of credits: 60 ECTs

Mode: Online

Language(s) Taught in: English

Aimed at: University students and working professionals with a University Degree that qualifies them to study a Master’s Degree in the field of psychology.

Objectives: To train professionals in the different key areas of psychology, in decision-making and in the development of the main management skills related to the sector.



Module 1: Principles of Psychology (6 ECTs)

  • Sensation and Perception

  • Attention

  • Memory

  • Cognition, Thought, Language and Intelligence  

  • Motivation and Emotion 

Module 2: Laws of Group Psychology (6 ECTs)

Module 3: Personality Psychology (6 ECTs)

  • Basic concepts of cognitive psychopathology 

  • Personality-disease relationship 

  • Personality disorders: classification, evaluation, and techniques. 

  • Case studies 

  • Bibliographic references 

Module 4: Educational Psychology (6 ECTs)

  • Developmental Psychology

  • Personality Development

  • Learning

  • Factors that Affect Learning

  • Children With Special Educational Needs

  • Applied Educational Psychology

  • Contemporary Approaches in Educational Psychology

Module 5: Consumer Psychology (6 ECTs)

  • Introduction to Consumer Behavior Analysis (CBA): Some theoretical tips.

  • Experiments and Market Research in CBA.

  • Case studies: Hands-on data research.

  • Main takeaways from CBA.

  • Bibliographic references

Module 6: Economics Psychology (6 ECTs)

  • Introduction to Economic Psychology

  • Consumer motivation.

  • Attitudes and change through communication.

  • The perception and personality of the consumer.

  • Consumer decision making.

Module 7: Master’s Final Project (24 ECTs)