SERCES Academic Programs

SERCAR Centre for Higher Studies


SERCES (SERCAR Centre for Higher Studies) is an institution belonging to the SERCAR group of companies, oriented to the management of training and postgraduate studies with agreements with the most prestigious Spanish universities.

Master in Financial Management

Master's Degree in Continuing Education

The Master in Financial Management strengthens your technical competencies and skills in the economic-financial field in order to achieve success in your finances. This master’s degree is designed to empower and revitalize your career path towards effective financial management.

Through an exhaustive analysis of the company and the implementation of the most innovative strategies, we will provide you with the most widely used tools in the working world to achieve the goals your company needs.


The MBA Master prepares you as a professional, allowing you to organize and manage all sectors of a company at the level of performance, finance, marketing and team leadership.

In this digital era in which we live, innovation and entrepreneurship are essential as well as the implementation of new perspectives and business models. Through our teaching team and curriculum, you will become the best version of yourself in the business world.

Master in Applied Psychology

Master's Degree in Continuing Education

The Master in Applied Psychology propels you to a higher level in both your professional career and personal growth, providing an integrated understanding of the practical applications of psychology in modern society.

Addressing topics of great importance such as personality, consumerism, education, social and economic issues, among others. This master’s degree aims to enable students to address contemporary challenges from an informed and effective psychological perspective.

Master in Big Data and Business Analytics

Master's Degree in Continuing Education

The Master in Big Data and Business Analytics is aimed at those who love the processing and analysis of large volumes of data. Students will be trained both to understand the methods used in this field and to put them into practice in different areas.

Our program is adapted to all kinds of professional profiles, i.e. graduates in different fields.

Master in Economic and Business Management

Master's Degree in Continuing Education

The Master in Economic and Business Management prepares future team leaders, providing them with a solid foundation in executive education in the field of economic and business management.

Aimed at professionals and business students who wish to deepen their knowledge in various areas of management and administration, with a specific focus of specialization, in which the individual needs and aspirations of each student are met.

Máster in Digital Marketing

Master's Degree in Continuing Education

The program of this master’s degree allows to acquire a global and international vision of the necessary processes in the company, to address the reality of business needs and digital projects, enabling the development of analytical skills and management skills that expand the strategic business vision and help to achieve the success of projects in the digital era.