Master in Business Administration

ENAE Business School

Characteristics of the Master In Business Administration

Collaborating entity: ENAE Business School

Number of credits: 60 ECTs

Mode: Online

Language(s) Taught in: English

Aimed at: Graduates, undergraduates, graduates and engineering students of any field of study.

Timetable: continuous study programme

Objectives: To train professionals in the different key areas of management and business management, in decision making and in the development of the main managerial competences.



Module 1: Business Organisation and Administration (6 ECTs).


  • Management and Administration Processes in the Company.
  • Organisational systems and models in the current company.

  • Internal Organisation of the Company.


Module 2: Management Accounting (6 ECTs)

  • Introduction to management accounting

  • Cost control models

  • Relevant costs for decision making


Module 3: Financial Management (6 ECTs)

  • Venture Capital and Private Equity

  • Corporate Finance

  • Financial Planning

  • Sustainable Business Planning


Module 4: Digital Marketing (6 ECTs)

  • Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing 

  • Digital Marketing Plan

  • Analytics and measurement of results


Module 5: Development of management skills. Leadership and Team Management (6 ECTs)

  • Digitalisation | Incorporation of digital technology in existing structures

  • Intra-entrepreneurship

  • Boosting innovation processes

  • Team management

  • Team culture

  • Strategies for change management

  • Strategy | Strategic Disruption

  • Predicting the future


Module 6: Innovation management and entrepreneurship (6 ECTs)

  • Strategic analysis of innovation

  • Intrapreneurship: Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Agile organisational models: Lean Startup, Design Thinking and agile methodologies

  • New business models in the digital era

Module 7: Master’s Final Project (TFM) (24 ECTs)